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BJK - I Won the Fight CD

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I Won The Fight


I Won The Fight is a must-have for any fan of rock and roll.


This is Billy's first cd in many years and commemorates the 50th anniversary of The British Invasion.


Some of the tracks were even written by Billy himself.


One of these tracks is called To Liverpool With Love and is dedicated to his hometown.


The entire cd is dedicated to the memory of his manager, Brian Epstein.


Billy has recently performed a number of the songs from this cd live in concert and the response has been amazing.


This CD is a "must have" for all fans of Billy J Kramer!




I Won the Fight

You Can't Live on Memories

I Keep the Dog Outside Tonight

I'm in Love

Breakfast in Marin

Sunsets of Santa Fe

Fallin' and Flying'

You're Right, I'm Wrong

To Liverpool with Love

Story of My Live

To Liverpool With Love (Original Release)